Develop Your Brand with Vertico

Harness the purchasing power of your network.

Connect Your Brand Network

Combine orders of multiple purchasing points to lower cost per unit and improve material quality.

Collective Purchases

Avoid hassle and manual processes by coordinating purchases of brand network on one system.

Simplified Experience

Zero training needed. Any employee can now control purchasing.

No Middle Man

Improved communication and order fulfillment accuracy.

Seemless Approvals

A quick approval process across multiple departments and managers.

Dynamic Pricing

Access to real-time information to guarantee the lowest price for your purchase.

Layers of Security

Secure encryption protects your sensitive data.

There is Too Much Excess and Waste in B2B Purchasing

Wasted Time Due To -

  • Complexity and time intensive, manual processes
  • Untrained purchasers cannot locate specialized suppliers
Wasted Money Due To -
  • Lack of knowledge by the purchaser
  • Decentralized purchasing power

How It Works

Search our database for open purchases of the items you need. Join the purchase and submit your quantity before the purchase window closes. If you cannot find the product you need, submit a new request to create new open purchase.

The other dealers of your brand will be notified of your purchase. They can review the product and submit customized orders. Collectively, if enough orders are submitted, the price per item will be reduced.

Once all dealers have approved and confirmed their orders, the final invoice will be issued and the products will be produced and shipped to you.

More Than a One Trick Pony

Market Validation

Gain market insights and product validation through small test groups.

Buy or Sell

Vertico is a two way system where you can sell your products and also buy supplies and raw materials for the next production run.

Don't Just Take Our Word

See what others are saying about Vertico.

We are very excited to be the first company to use Vertico. At California Toys we handle automotive accounts to distribute collectibles. Vertico's solution is great to automate our sales, engage all dealers quickly, and validate new products through pre-selling.

Bruno Partner @ California Toys

Vertico is intuitive and logical. It adds great value by centralizing orders and allowing data on the brand network to be used to improve processes now and in the future.

Javier Mathematician & Head of Data @ Sontra

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